Cat Adoption Form

Interested in Adopting a pet from Big Canoe Animal Rescue? Please fill out the application below to be considered. Applicants must be 21 years of age or older. Adoption Fee of $100 for cats is due at the time of the final adoption.

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    What circumstances justify giving a cat up?: * MovingDivorceSizeToo Time ConsumingLitter Box ProblemsSheddingBehavioral ProblemsChildren Lost InterestMedical ProblemsNew BabyAllergiesNot getting along with Other Pets

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    You will be asked to initial and sign this agreement at the time of the actual adoption.

    1. I certify that this animal is intended as a family pet and will not be used for research or breeding.

    2. I further agree that there is no warranty, expressed or implied by Big Canoe Animal Rescue as to this animal’s age, breed, health, future size, behavior or temperament. I hereby release and agree to hold harmless the Big Canoe Animal Rescue from any claim, liability, or cause of action arising or in any way related to my adoption or ownership of this pet. This pet was healthy at the time of adoption, unless otherwise stated. Medical records are included in adoption packet. Any health issues that arise after adoption will be paid by the Adopter.

    3. I agree that this Feline will remain an indoor pet.

    4. While BCAR cannot dictate what measures you deem best for your feline pet in the future, we strongly recommend that it not be declawed at any time. This procedure is illegal in several states and inflicts pain and discomfort to the animal. Some felines that are turned over to shelters because they refuse to use their litter boxes are felines that have been declawed and find it too painful to scratch and cover their feces.

    5. I agree that this feline will always remain up-to-date on all necessary vaccinations.

    6. If this feline pet is a kitten when adopted and too small or young for spaying or neutering, we request that you notify the Feline Rescue & Adoption Director at BCAR as soon as this procedure has been done. Feline neutering/spaying is an absolute must when adopting from BCAR.

    7. Big Canoe Animal Rescue has the right to take the animal back if they deem it does not have proper living conditions and/or care.

    8. I agree to a home visit by a Big Canoe Animal Representative.

    9. If for some reason the adoption is not working out, Adopter has fifteen days in which to return the animal.

    10. I have read and understand all of the above terms and I agree to all of the terms of this contract.

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