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Woodie 1 Woody was hit by a car and had to have his front leg amputated; you'd never know it, watching him romp in the field!

Jackson is ready for you to visit now that he's had his bath.  WOOF!

Liberty Liberty isn't shy about smiling and showing her adorable under bite! 
Reiko 1 Reiko loves people and other dogs.

Cocoa is a quiet gal who loves people and walks.

Patches Patches is looking for his forever home.
Annie kitten Annie (white kitten) and Spud (dark kitten) were born 7/2/14 to Mama Tess.  The kittens are healthy, playful and adorable and would love to have you visit with them!
Jackson Jackson is a sweet and energetic bundle of love.

Liberty relaxes after C.L.A.S.S. where she is learning basic obedience cues. loose leash walking and house manners.

Woodie 2 Woody is a gentle and well-mannered 4 year-old border collie, spaniel and lab mix.
Reiko 2

Reiko walks nicely on lead and loves going for walks.


Cocoa smiles as she sits for a treat.

Spud kitten Spud is one of Mama Tesses kittens born 7/2/14.  Spud is adorable and would make a great addition to your household!
Patches Patches is a kind, gentle soul who loves people and dogs.
Tess and kittens

Mama Tess and kittens are currently being fostered and looking for homes.  The kittens are adorable and about six weeks old (8/18/2014).