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Woodie 1 Woody was hit by a car and had to have his front leg amputated; you'd never know it, watching him romp in the field!
Paige Paige already knows how to sit and smile.
Paige Paige already knows how to sit and smile.
Ginger 2 Ginger relaxes after playing in the dog field.
Prince 1 Prince loves playing with his canine pals at the dog park.
Baxter Cute is just cute!  Baxter is a 4-year-old beagle.
Patches Patches is looking for his forever home.
Sweetness Sweetness enjoys playing tennis ball.
slide 5 - Ginger Ginger cuddles up for a nap.
Woodie 2 Woody is a gentle and well-mannered 4 year-old border collie, spaniel and lab mix.
Prince 2 Prince is a male beagle mix with a  very sweet disposition.
Baxter2 Baxter is currently attending a group obedience class and is learning fast!
Sweetness 2 Sweetness is looking for a family who enjoys the outdoors.